Practically Perfect
Living a Dame Julia Elizabeth Andrews appreciation life because she is practically perfect in every way. Everything about this woman is perfect; her voice, her face, just EVERYTHING.

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 being practically perfect

Maggie: Carol, Carol, Carol dear, Carol! You never told me why you wanted to learn Cockney, why?

Carol: Well there’s this movie. [Maggie: Flick.] Flick about a girl. [Maggie:No, bird.] Bird who sells flowers. [Maggie: flawrs] Flawrs. Who meets a guy. [Maggie: Bloke] Bloke who teaches her how [Maggie: ‘ow!] ‘Ow to talk like a lady. [Maggie: Lie-dy!] Lie-dy!

Maggie: Carol… Carol, they made that film. My Fair Lady. 

Carol: I know. But Maggie, they also made Godfather part 2. So when they make My Fair Lady Part 2, I’m ready.

Maggie: Tha- that makes two of us.

Carol: I knew I shouldn’t have told you!

(Maggie Smith and Carol Burnett: Cockney Lesson)

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Not exactly Julie Andrews, however it relates to her somehow. This is Maggie Smith and Carol Burnett singing You’re So London. 

If you all remember, Julie first sang this with Carol in Carnegie Hall

I just thought this was cool. Also somehow felt like Carol was cheating on Julie.

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